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Prenatal Care

 Comprehensive and relationship based care is the cornerstone is Midwifery Care. Midwives have always served as keepers and protectors of women during pregnancy and birth. Today that need is more then ever with the changes in health care moving toward more and more interventions. A midwife's education stresses that pregnancy and birth are normal, healthy events until proven otherwise. Every client is booked for a 45 min prenatal checkup and children are welcome to attend.  

Labor & Postpartum Care

 We believe birth cannot be rushed or managed. We believe a woman should feel safe and supported during her birthing time. Since birth is your occasion, we strive to work within our scope of practice to give you the birth of your dreams. Once your little bundle arrives we will continue to care for you and your family through a series of postnatal checkups. Those include full exams of the baby and new mom at every appointment. This includes breastfeeding help and trouble shooting.  

VBAC & Twin Birth

 We are very Vaginal Birth After Cesarean friendly. We do many each year and have a high success rate. Great care and consideration to the clients history is taken to ensure a safe pregnancy and delivery.  

In the event we discover a twin pregnancy you will be more closely monitored. Should your pregnancy proceed as low risk and babies are in optimal positions an out of hospital birth can continue as planned. 

Home Birth

 My ultimate favorite. What better place to welcome your baby then in the very walls it was conceived and grown in. All the equipment you can expect at a birthing center can be packed in our cars and brought to your home. Having your birth team come to you as you welcome you wee one and tuck you in bed when they leave is as close to cloud nine as you can get.  

Birth Center Birth

 We are Johnson County's newest Licensed birth center. Just 4 minutes off 35W makes our location ideal to serve all the surrounding cities. We are 20 min from Fort Worth, 12 minutes from Burleson, 20 Minutes from Cleburne, 12 minutes from Mansfield. Located in North Alvarado

Water Birth

 Whether you choose home or birth center birth, waterbirth is always an option for you. Our clients call it the "Aquadural" as it can cut pain by 60%. 

Portable birthing pools can be rented. Ask for details.  

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